USSL announced today on their website that Austin Real CuauhtĂ©moc has officially registered to play in the inaugural USSL 2019 season.  We have spoken to the owner and General Manager Jose R Bartolo over the last few weeks about coming on board.   We can now confirm and make official announcement his team is cleared and registered to play.  Austin will be the sixth team announced after Celtic F.C America, Armadillos F.C, Pachuca Tuzos Houston, West Houston Aguilas F.C Athletico Kathy will make up a very strong south central Texas division, to become a members of USSL.

USSL Brass said today, we are obviously delighted to have such a big name brand in Texas Futbol as a member of our league.  We know head Coach Cuco from his participation in Texas premier soccer league. They won the championship last year 3 years in a row.


USSL season kicks off June 29th so get ready for some Futbol.
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