ARMADILLOS FC is the team for the community where soccer is a dream but economical resources are not possible. During many years the head coach Alberto Escobar has been trying to put a team together that give the opportunity to the low income students to play soccer at the professional level, now the dream come true. Armadillos FC is is playing on a 4th Pro Division where every team member has the opportunity to demonstrate abilities and skills to defend their jersey and play from the bottom of their hard the sports of soccer. During the Year 2005 their uniform was white and red with the name of the team across the chest and the logo to the upper right hand side, due to the hard times on the economy Armadillos FC only has been having one uniform. Now and thanks to the support of Sponsors such as BBS-Better Business Solutions, (http://www.mybbscompany.com), Mission Staffing of Texas (http://missionstaffingtx.com), Armadillos FC primary medics PRIMEDIQUIP (https://www.primemediquipservices.com), El vestidor who dresses our Goalkeepers, El Marcador, (https://www.elmarcador.live) Spanish Radio station who gives our fans the latest from the team and the league and to their members who believe on the team and players. Armadillos FC has now 2 uniforms, one the traditional, red and white and the second Aqua and white, this gives the team the confidence and responsibility to perform this sport of soccer with the discipline and the elegance of a professional team.


The logo is an ARMADILLO ROLLED AND THE COLORS RED BLUE AND WHITE AS THE TEXAS AND UNITED STATES COLORS.  inside a soccer player with a soccer ball and on the perimeter the name of the team.


The team was funded during the year 2005 and was considered a lower level due to the lock of economical resources, where clubs who has funds  play competitive and within the  high bracket even though Armadillos had demonstrated an excellent soccer level and that can bit any team on the best brackets, with no success to participate on those competitions Armadillos continue with their journey and on the year 2016 Armadillos becomes one of the tops teams in Texas with a high end level of soccer.


The level of professionalism, the way to play soccer and the ability to give a good match to any club brought Armadillos to the 4th Division Pro where every team not only demonstrate a high end soccer level but also the passion for this sport of soccer.

 +1 (877) 295 7090
email.- info@usslpro.com